10 Swing Sets Under $200

As many people are coming here looking for budget swing sets I decided to put up a small collection of the best ones I could find that cost up to $200. This is not some automated selection, I have actually researched these. But have in mind I have not tried or bought them – my selection is based on what I see in description, company reputation, user ratings etc. And as you know “best” is quite subjecttive.

Anyway, check them out. If you buy or have already bought any of these let me know.

Metal Swing Sets

1. Flexible Flyer Triple Fun II Metal Swing Set for $149
This one is from Wallmart. Allowing up to six children to use it at a time and just $149 – sounds like a good deal. It’s easy to assemble and robust. According to some of the customers it won’t last long though which is usually something you would expect from a metal swing set.

2. Flexible Flyer Brighton 4 Leg Metal Swing Set for $80
Really on budget? Then this 4 legs one might be for you. It’s a small swing good for 1 – 3 kids. Some customers complain about the design and the assembly, but well, it’s $80. Seems to be a decent deal for its price.

3. Kettler Double Swing for around $110
This excellent entry-level metal swing set costs only 69 GBP from the linked UK store. If you live elsewhere you can just look at the same brand and model, they should be available at your location. It’s for kids aged between 3 and 12.

Wooden Swing Sets

4. Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit for $132
This is a great price for a wooden swing set from Swing N Slide. It’s very feature rich and allows up to 12 childs to play. All the customer reviews so far has been positive. Unfortunately for me it ships only to the USA.

Note that the regular price is $240 so I have no idea whether you’ll get the deal when you are reading this.

If you want to save even more check for used items. There were two at about $70 each when I last checked.

5. Deluxe Lower Wooden Clubhouse for Summerville and Stoneybrook Wood Gym Sets for $130
A really good wooden playset. It combines swings with a lodge room, gym set and a slide. A really great deal for this price.

6. Scout Playset – Project 140 for $102

This is another good offer from Swing N Slide. It has two seats and a trapeze bar. The wooden construction uses standard A-frame – simple and stable. However please not that the wood is not included in the package.

7. SunBurst Swingset Hardware Kit for $100
Regular price is $219. I don’t know how long will the current offer be available. This is a wooden swing set kit so you have to build the thing yourself. Looks like fun.

Other Swing Sets

8. Little Tikes Tire Swing for $30
This is a super-budget solution from Wallmart. It can be secured to an existing swing set or just to a tree like a typical tree swing. Allows maximum two kids. One of the customers says it becomes very hot under the sun so you may think about picking a shady place.

9. Child Tree Swing (18″ X 7 .5″) – Natural for $72

This one had no reviews yet but I like the look and the good rope. It’s not as cheap as the tire swing above but holds much higher weight. It’s easily adjustable and hand-crafted.

10. Kettler Baby Swing Seat

This is a well priced baby/toddler swing built with security in mind. Some of the reviewers say it’s hard to get the child in and out of the swing seat. It’s one of the few plastic swing sets which fit the “under $200″ category nevertheless it’s a baby one.

More often than not cheap swing sets come as kits. If you don’t want to assemble yourself check carefully before buying!

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