15 Cool, Amazing Or Just Odd Swing Set Pictures

So you asked about pictures? Of course you can find many of them in the sites of the companies who sell swing sets. But what if you want to see some extraordinary, well planned, or just funny swing set models that are not on sale in your local store?

We’ve made a small selection for you. These 15 swing set pictures show the sets in use, in real life. And most of them are quite impresive. Enjoy!

1. In The Winter Evening

Swing Set

Somehow outdoor play structures often look magical in the evening, and especially when it’s winter time. Nice shot!

2. Laying Face Down


In contrast with the previous one this photo is made in sunny weather. Installing wooden swing on gravel by the way is a neat idea.

3. Jungle Fort

The Finished Jungle Fort

This is actually quite ordinary playset, and a really good one. Notice all the tools and the large play area. This could be a great gift for your kids.

4. Empty Swings

Not Swinging Today

These are school swing sets, empty because the school started. Simple metal swing sets can be very efficient and affordable.

5. Rusty Swings

Rusty Swings

This is what happens without proper treatment and protection. Very good photo however!

6. In The Snow

swing set

Yet another cool winter picture. Nice long shadows, freezing look. The steel swing sustains the snow without problem.

7. Recess


This is a plain metal swing set that’s even missing the seats. Very well looking on the tallgrass!

8. Fun On The Beach

Metal swings are perfect for installing on sand as well. They often put them on the beaches because they are cheap, durable and hard to steal.

9. Drawing

Swing Set

That’s it, just a lovely sketch. The swing itself is not special, but the drawing is lovely.

10. Playset At The Meadow

Swing Set - After

Lovely one on the green grass, and small kid house next to it. It makes you want to be a child again.

11. Abandoned and Rusty

Centralia - Swing Set

You don’t want this in your backyard. But the picture is great, well done!

12. Swinging In The Field

Dan and Levi on the swing set

Yet another nostalgic photo. The sign says it’s taken in 2009 it looks like one from my childhood.

13. Afgan Children

Afghan children play on refurbished playground

Don’t think only kids in the Western world enjoy play. These Afgan children are having fun on refubrished playground.

14. In Republic of Korea

Youth-oriented community relations project

Kids in Republic of Korea also enjoy swinging. This photo is taken on community relations project.

15. Swinging Birds

Swingers Part II

Birds also seem to enjoy swing sets. Lovely beach snap!

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