Affordable swinging: How To Make Your Hammock Stand Yourself

Building a hammock stand using simple beams is indeed the more affordable way to swing. You will need:

  • A couple of:
    • a.2X4 8′ beams.
    • b.2X4 6′ beams.
    • c.2X4 4′ beams (you might need a couple more if you want more support).
  • A piece of stretchable cloth.
  • 3-12 3/8″ bolts.
  • 4-24 3/8″ washers and 12 3/8″ tightening washers (if you need more support).
  • 5-Drill and saw.

Now here’s how to do it:

1. First we start with the 2 6′ beams that will hold the hammock. For this we will cut the ends of the 6′ beams so that each beam will make an angle of a 60 degrees with the ground like this:

Step 1

2. Then we those 2 beams to be “sandwiched” between 2 8’ beams (which will form the base of the hammock). The distance between the 2 sandwiches depends on the length of the piece of cloth you will suspend, so make sure you measure it carefully so as not to stretch the cloth much or make it looser than required. Here’s how the side sandwich will look like (note that the side beams touch the ground while the base beams are parallel to each other):

Step 2

3. Drill 3 or 4 holes to fix the base & side beams together. Make sure the bolts pass through the 3 layers and use the washers for fixation.

4. Now you need to give more support to the base using the shortest 4′ beams to be placed perpendicular to the 2 8′ base beams like this (that’s a view from underneath the base):

Step 3

5. Drill and add bolts and washers.

6. Suspend the piece of clothes using the bolts on the side beams wherever you like (depends usually on the length and suspension of cloth), TADA!

You might consider adding more support to the side beams using a couple of 2×4′s at each side.

Happy affordable swinging!

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