Deal or No Deal: Used Swing Sets

Used Swing Sets
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When buying an used swing set is a good idea? There are at least two possible answers: when you want to save money, and when you want a model that is no longer produced or can’t be found in your area. 

Of course, buying used swing sets has its tips and tricks. Read on if you want to be prepared and to get the best quality for your money.

If you want to get straight to action, you can post a buy or sell classified.

What To Do Before You Buy

First decide what kind of swing sets you are going to buy. This will depend on your preferences, the space you have in the garden and the weather conditions in your area. Don’t pick used swing sets based only on price. Decide whether you want wooden or metal ones and only after that start exploring the used sets that you are offered.

When choosing a swing set, explore its current state. Metal sets may rust, so carefully examine if there are rust spots, holes or other damages.

The wooden swings may rot or may get injured by insects. You will have to inspect all the wooden parts paying special attention to those which have been connected to the ground and may have been soaked in water for long time.

Usually the used swing sets are disassembled before transportation. If the set you are planning to buy is too complex you may see yourself wondering how to reassemble it. In such case you may need professional help which will cost you money. Maybe that could make you choose a simpler swing set?

Improve The Used Outdoor Swing Sets

Buying used swing sets is a great way to save money, but sometimes that is done at the cost of their quality and outlook. I am sure you don’t want your outdoor play set to look miserable, so why don’t you improve it yourself?

It doesn’t take much: all that the metal swing sets usually need is painting. If you are creative, you will easily make your used ones look better than brand new play sets. The wooden swing sets give you even more room for improvement – besides creative painting, you can also varnish them, you can add ornaments or fretwork and you can even change some shapes.

The most important improvement however is to properly treat any damages that the sets may have when you buy them. Rust, rot and insect holes are not huge problems if they are repaired on time.

Where To Find Used Swing Sets

Probably the first places to look are the local auctions in your area. But chances are there won’t be much of a choice there. A better variety may be available at retailers and dealer stores which sell brand new swing sets.

For me the best way to search used items is online – sites like eBay and Amazon have hundreds of auctions available. You can choose within many models and delivery methods. Of course, buying online requires special attention and has the downside that you won’t be able to inspect the outdoor swing sets before buying them.

The used swing sets (and all outdoor swings in general) can live much longer if you take care about them. Learn how to keep your outdoor swing in good shape!

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