Give your home and garden a summer make over

After a cold, wet and windy winter the exterior of your property and your garden are in need of a makeover. The long, dry, sunny days of summer are perfect for getting stuck into those jobs you’ve been putting off all spring. Here are five jobs you need to do this summer.

Replace your front door

When was the last time you replaced your front door? Perhaps you never have; maybe you’ve just given it a new coat of paint. Whatever materials your external doors are made from, they succumb to the elements just as much as other parts of your property. You wouldn’t think about letting broken guttering go unfixed, so why leave replacing external doors until they are falling off their hinges? Solid wood doors are the most hardwearing and if you haven’t got one already now is the time to buy one. Todd Doors has the biggest online selection of external doors in the UK and right now it even has a sale on.

Replace your garden shed

With so much rain this year – especially in the last few months – your garden shed is probably looking a bit worse for wear, particularly if it is placed directly on the ground. Rot, damp and mould could be making the structure unsound. When you replace your shed, be sure to locate it in a high, sheltered area of the garden to avoid future damage from wind and rain.

Repaint the exterior of your property

It’s not just wind and rain that damage the exterior of your property. Freezing temperatures can cause cracks and traffic fumes cause discolouration and decay. Be sure to repaint the exterior of your home every five years or so. Take into account the paintwork of your neighbours as rows of cottages and terraces benefit from a coordinated colour scheme.

Resurface your driveway

The big freeze that spread across large parts of the UK this past winter caused severe damage to roads and driveways. Water froze in cracks and then expanded making the cracks even bigger and potentially damaging to motorists. When you do resurface your driveway make sure you thoroughly fill in and cover any cracks completely.

Cut back large trees

To protect your property from falling trees next winter now is the time to cut back any overgrown or potentially threatening trees around your property. If you have large trees with more than just a few branches that need cutting it is best to call in expert tree surgeons to prevent accidental damage.

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