How To Build A Swing Set Frame?

You can build a standard swing set frame fairly easy with five thick and robust, two planks and two metal plates to support the connection on the angles.

First prepare the vertical joists that will stay on top. It must be long enough to handle the entire swing set(s).

Then you need two triangle frames that will be put on each side of the joist. For each of them you need a pair of beams that will be connected on angle of about 30 degrees. Here the metal plates come in place – use them to support the connection with nails or screws.

The two planks must be cut diagonally and attached to the beams to form something like the letter A. This will add more stability to the construction.

Finally, attach the top joist to the triangle frames, placing it over them and using more screws. The joist can protrude a little bit on both sides.

This is just a quick answer to reader’s question. I will come with an illustrated and more detailed guide soon.

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  1. Martina Poirot Says:

    Nice info here. I don’t know why but this got me motivated to keep up the hard work.

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