How To Build Outdoor Swing Sets

So far we have covered almost every aspect about outdoor swing sets but there is one small problem. No matter what kind of set you will prefer, you’ll have to buy it.

But is that really the only way to go?

For sure no! You can just go ahead and build your outdoor swing set yourself. I don’t promise you will save a lot of money although it’s very possible. What is guaranteed however is that you are going to have a lot of fun and most probably you’ll be able to build exactly the swing set you imagine. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard.

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Let’s get to work:

The Tools You’ll Need

If you have some experience with do it yourself projects you most probably have all the tools required:

  • A hand or powered saw. Even hand saw does the work, there is not so much sawing required.
  • You’ll need a shovel to dig under the pillars
  • The only tool that must be powered is a drill. Ok, you can do it with a hand drill, but it may be too exhausting.
  • Like in every do it yourself project, you’ll need to have a hammer.
These tools are not specific, they are used in almost any project you do in your home or garden. So even if you don’t have all of them now, buying them is a long term investment.

The Materials

In this entire article I am assuming you are going to build a wooden swing set. Metal sets may be cheaper when bought from the store, but building one yourself requires more professional tools and knowledge. So unless you have experience working with metal, better build a wooden swing set.

So here is what you’ll need for a good wooden one:

  • Bolts, screws and eye bolts. Obviously you are going to use these for joining the swing set parts.
  • Cement, sand and concrete for the pillars
  • Several wood stocks depending on the exact design of the set you will be building
  • Ready swings unless you want to build them yourself too

Essentially, that’s all. Of course you’ll need some patience and skillful hands.

Start Action

Enough about materials and tools, let’s see what you have to do:

  • Choose the location. Install the swing set at a place that’s easy to access and at the same time away of garden buildings, benches, threes and prickly bushes
  • Dig the foundations. The holes should be as wide as needed and at least 5 inches deep to ensure robust attachment of the pillars. See how to anchor the swing.
  • Cut the parts. What parts exactly you need to cut depends on your swing set design, but at the very least you need four beams, horizontal bracing boards and swings
  • Assemble the swing set together. At this point you’ll need the drill, bolts, eye bolts and screws. Make sure the construction is very stable.
  • Paint and stain. Most wooden pieces will need staining to protect them from the water and sun. You can paint the swing set in any color, but if it’s intended for kids, choose something bright and colorful. Avoid lead-based paints.

That’s all. Now you just need to do it. If you don’t feel enough confident in yourself about designing your swing set, just download swing set plans online – you can find them for cheap or even free!

P.S. If you ever plan to build a swing set yourself you should consider learning more about the swing set safety

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