How To Obtain Affordable Swing Sets

Affordable swing sets are always needed no matter what’s the size of your garden and what’s your budget. Even if you can afford expensive outdoor swing sets why don’t you use some of the money to finance other tools and buildings in your yard. As you are going to see later in this article, you don’t need to sacrifice your kids’ comfort and fun because of that. There are various options to obtain quality swing sets for a great price.

Small Cheap Swing Sets

Can you just live with simple small swing sets? Think if you really need those huge sets with 4 seats, a slide, a climb tool and all the fancy features that the big swing sets offer. Many families invest too much in play sets just to discover at the end that the most of the features and seats are never used.

Good small metal swing set can be found for as low as $150. If that’s not an affordable solution, tell me what is! Isn’t it better to buy small and simple tool, but now, instead of forcing your kids wait until you have $2,000 for a fancy installation? The simple tools can bring no less fun than the complex ones.

Used Swing Sets

But what if you have seen a great swing set model in a magazine which has everything you ever dreamed about… with the only problem that the price has four digits. Getting in debt to buy a play set is quite insane, so let’s think for another solution. Why don’t you buy it used?

Used swing sets are often sold for 50% of the price of similar new ones. Which means that even with a small budget you can buy either large metal set or smaller but cool wooden one. If you search on eBay you can find super cool cheap swing sets priced at $500 – $600. The same sets would cost 2k if bought new.

The problem with wooden sets is you will have to examine and eventually repair them. But if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, that’s an excellent option.

Do It Yourself

Speaking about getting your hands dirty, have you ever thought about building your play set yourself? Don’t be afraid, swing sets are fairly easy to build and it’s a surprise that doing it is not within the most popular do it yourself projects.

You need just basic tools like a hammer, a ratchet, a saw and shovel and yes, skillful hands and some free time. Don’t worry about the design and calculations – you don’t need to become an engineer. You can buy plans online, created by engineers with everything calculated and explained. You can find plans for less than $20!

If you feel a bit frightened from doing it all yourself anyway, you can choose a settlement by compromise – building your outdoor swing sets by using a kit. This way you can obtain complex wooden sets for just few hundred bucks and the work on assembling is not so much.

There are excellent affordable outdoor swing sets solutions. It all comes down to imagination and desire. Don’t deprive your family from this amusement tool just because of financial problems. Fun can be affordable if you are creative!

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