How To Keep Your Outdoor Swing In Good Shape?

  So far we have discussed the different types of outdoor swing sets, which is best for you and how to buy or build it. But how can you enjoy your swing set for many years without troubles and without the need of replacement? That’s what I am going to tell you right now. 

Outdoor swing set maintenance is not a hard thing. It’s not going to occupy much of your time, neither is going to cost you a lot. Just do it regularly and you’ll have a long lasting swing set.

Tips For All Kinds Of Swing Sets

First and most important: take care for safety – your own, your children’s and the swing’s one. Here are few important actions about keeping the outdoor swing safe and in good condition:

  • Regularly check chains, swings and slides for damages. Do replace every suspicious part immediately to avoid accidents.
  • Don’t get out of the swing set while still in motion. Teach your children the same.
  • Reduce exposure to rain and snow when possible. You can cover the swing with polythene or canvas when you don’t use it for a long time.
  • Avoid staying close or walking around the swing when someone else uses it. This advice is very important for kids as they can get seriously injured by a swinging adult or even other kid.
  • Dress appropriately. Long dresses, shoe-laces or belts can get caught into the chains and cause accidents. As usual, pay special attention to how kids are dressed when swinging.

Of course don’t get obsessed by the security – the swing sets are quite safe tools in general. I would say they are safer than bicycles or rollers.

Maintenance of different kinds of swing sets

Now, let’s really talk about maintenance. There are some specific actions to take in order to keep different kinds of outdoor swings in good shape:

  • Wooden swing sets. They are not very pretentious. Take care to clean them each few months. Paint them each 1-2 years or when you see a need. Frequent painting will not only keep the overall look of the swing set great, but will also protect the wood from decay. (Learn more about wooden swing sets)
  • Metal swing sets. They need regular threating against rust. Painting also helps just like with the wooden swings. Regularly check the puttings for holes – besides causing potential danger, these holes often are inhabited by inserts and wasps. (Learn more about metal swing sets)
  • Plastic outdoor swings. They are very easy to maintain because they don’t need painting. Cleaning is easy and quick, just be careful what cleaning preparation you use. (Learn more about plastic swing sets)
  • Canopy swing sets The canopy swings require special attention. The canopy fabric and the cushion can easy rot after rain or lose their color due to long hours under sun light. If you have a canopy swing build of special materials for outdoor usage (in most cases this will be true), you are partly protected. But still it’s good to take care covering the canopy and the cushion to protect them from rain, snow and too much sun. Frequently check the canopy for insects especially if you have animals in the garden. (Learn more about outdoor canopy swings)
  • Outdoor baby swings. Your toddler swing needs careful and frequent cleaning as the babies don’t have strong immunity. Double check all the chains and ropes as well. (Learn more about outdoor baby swings)

As you can see there is not much to do but still the swing sets need to be taken care about once in a while.

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