How to Make Your Swing Set Safer

Adding an outdoor play area is a great choice for any family, but you want to make sure that this is a safe space for your kids to play.

Whether you choose a metal swing set, a wooden swing set, a plastic swing set, or even a used swing set, here are some tips for making this area as safe as possible:

Tip #1: Fence in your swing set area.

Even if you don’t live near a street, surrounding your sing set area with a fence creates a more private, safe place for your children to play. As an added bonus, having a fenced-in yard gives your pets a great place to play.


Tip #2: Every spring, do a maintenance check on your swing set.

Over the winter, screws and nails can loosen, ice can cause cracks, and other problems may arise. Before your children enjoy time outside on the swing set, go over the play equipment carefully and test all moving parts to ensure it’s ready for little ones to play.

Tip #3: Secure the swing set properly.

Some structures require below-ground concrete or tethering in order to be safe. This is especially important as your children grow and begin to weigh more, as their playing could cause an unstable swing set to become unbalanced and tip over. Use the anchors that come with your swing set if provided.

Tip #4: Surround the area with safe surfacing.

Purchase wood chips, rubber chips, or other safe surfacing to surround the swing set.
That way if your children fall or jump from the swings, you can be sure they land safely.
Use surfacing that is specifically made for play areas.

Tip #5: Cover the swing chains with plastic.

Metal chains can get hot in the sun and the loops can pinch small fingers. Invest in some plastic chain covers made for swing sets if your swing set doesn’t come with them. These will also help preserve the chains so you don’t have to worry about them rusting as quickly.

Remember, make sure your homeowners or renters insurance policy includes liability insurance. That way if any of your children’s friends are injured while using your swing set, you’ll be financially covered.

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