How To Safely Disassemble a Rusty Swing Set

Metal swing sets tend to rust over time when exposed to rain and snow. You can slow the rust processes by regularly applying primer and painting your swing set. Nevertheless one day (sooner for non-maintained sets) it will rust. And then you may want to disassemble it for safety reasons or just to replace it with a new one.

There is nothing special about disassembling such swing set, except few safety measures:

  • Use good handyman gloves to protect your hands. These might be a good choice
  • It will often be impossible to unwind bolts. So you may need a hacksaw to cut the parts
  • Be careful and start from the top. As some part might be that rust to fall over you.

Don’t forget that even rust metal can be recycled. So collect the parts and send them for recycling.

After all is over, clean up the place from any metal debris. Attach your new swing set on the same place, or recover your garden grass if you don’t want to place another swing.


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