How To Secure a Swing Set Without Concrete

The standard way of anchoring a swing set to the ground is shown here. It requires using concrete otherwise the legs of the swing set frame will unevenly go down in the ground.

Now the question is can you anchor a swing set without using concrete at all?

The reason you may want this is because you don’t want to damage your garden or you may want to be able to move your swing set, disassemble it in the winter and so on. I can think about several methods to avoid using concrete:

  • One of the options is using a shap metal legĀ that is driven deeply into the ground. Then the legs of the swing set frame are attached to it. Such sharp legs can be found in some hardware stores.
  • Building a wooden platform on the ground and then ataching the a-frame to it by bolts and plates is probably the best option. It can be a DIY project, it’s stable and easy to disassemble.
  • Another idea is to weld large circle or rectangular steps around the frame legs and drop them directly on the ground. The disadvantage is that the swing set will need more space. It’s also not very easy thing to do especially if the surface isn’t ideally flat.
  • While this also involves concrete, using ready concrete blocksĀ might be a viable option. Especially if your primary motive for avoiding concrete is the ability to remove the swing set when you want. The swing set frame can be stabilized over the concrete blocks either by digging holes into them, or by using bolts and plates. The blocks themselves will need to be dug into the ground. Make sure they are large enough to ensure stable construction.

These are just four ideas. If you have more, please don’t hesitate to share in the comments!

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