Infant Outdoor Sings For Happy Babies

Infant Outdoor Swing
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Most outdoor swings are designed for children of age 4 and above. Some swing sets are most appropriate for adults and some of the more expensive ones are designed for both adults and kits. But what should you do if you have a newborn? Well, I would advice you to keep it away from outdoor swinging in its first months. However just when the baby approaches one year, it should be ready for this activity. There is hardly a way to use a standard swing for small infants and babies, that’s why there is a special category of outdoor baby swings for children of age between 1 and 4.

Why Do You Need Infant Swing Sets And How To Choose One?

Besides the fun that such a tool provides to your infant, there are health and growth benefits. Swinging helps little kids improve their coordination and general condition. It’s one of the best ways to teach the child to live actively and spend more time outside yet from its earliest age. 

Most infant swing sets have special safe swings which allow the kid seat comfortable and prevent it from falling. Some bigger baby swings provide additional seat for adult so helping the child to swing is more comfortable and you can even swing together.

One of the best ideas you can explore is you buy an outdoor swing that allows changing the infant seat with a larger one, appropriate for a bigger kid. This way you’ll be able to use the tool even after the kid becomes 5 or more years old. Such swings may be more expensive as often they are part of larger play sets which include other tools like climbs and slides.

Toddler Swings

When browsing the web for infant swing sets you will often meet the term toddler swing. Unlike the complete tools discussed above, the toddlers are simple baby swings that take very little space and usually have no construction – instead of that they can be freely attached to a beam, wash-line or even a tree in the backyard. These swings are very cheap – their price starts from $25 and can also be used indoor.

The more robust toddler swings can be used also for older children but I recommend you get special infant one because the materials used for the seat are baby-friendly. For maximum safety you may want to buy a toddler with a full-bucket seat, but half-bucket seats are also available.

As these swings are not appropriate for adults and big kids, you need to ensure your child fits into the weight range supported by the toddler swing as some of them can only handle 30 – 40lbs weight.

Don’t hesitate to buy infant outdoor swing for your little baby – that’s one of the greatest affordable gifts you can make for his/her first birthday.

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  1. Electric Shower · Says:

    my baby enjoys playing on the baby swing, baby swings can really make your baby happy `:’

  2. greg Says:

    How can I build a two-seat swingset (for toddler) in between two medium-sized trees (no branches) spaced approx 15 ft apart. Any ideas?
    I’m thinking about fixing beams from tree to tree?

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