Outdoor Canopy Swings – True Relax

If you are interested in adult swing sets, read this article too. The outdoor canpopy swings are especially created to let you relax in the garden. They are so comfortable that you can spend hours there with a nice company or even with your laptop.

The canopy swings have elegant cushion top which is made to create shade and improve the overall look of the swing set. They are comfortable for all ages but are usually preferred by adults because of the calm and peaceful swinging they allow.

There are various types of outdoor canopies but most popular are shade canopies, pop-up canopies and outdoor canopy tents.

When Buying Outdoor Canopy Swing…

The canopy swings usually have simple construction which makes them quite affordable. When the construction is made of metal, the price can be under $200 – including the polyester canopy and cushion.

You can expect to pay more for a canopy swing with wooden constructions because in general the wooden swing sets are more expensive. The good ones exceed $500 and can even reach $1,000.

Except the price and the manufacturer, you need to check the quality of the swing set before buying. If the canopy is too thin it may become uncomfortable for seating just after few days of swinging.

Here’s an excellent canopy swing! See details

The top cushion of the swing must be robust enough to sustain rain, sun and wing. Since the canopy swing will be used outdoor the fabric of the cushion must not be made of cotton or other weak material.

Pay special attention to the construction just like when buying any kind of outdoor swing set. The couplings of the wood beams or metal bars must be reinforced because most outdoor canopy swings have two adult seats. You certainly don’t want your relax to be wrecked by a broken swing, not to mention that this could lead to dangerous injures.

If you are buying from well known manufacturer the risk to get low quality canopy swing is much lower of course.

Can You Build Outdoor Canopy Swing Yourself?

If you can build a typical outdoor swing why wouldn’t you be able to build an outdoor canopy swing too? There is no reason for that of course. The canopy swings have just some little specifics:

  • In general you need stronger construction. This is because the canopy swings can be used by two or more adults at the same time. Add to that the canopy itself which is heavier than the typical seats.
  • Special attention to the textile is required. You can’t use the same materials that you would use in an indoor canopy because your outdoor one must sustain harsher weather conditions. So if you plan to use your indoor canopy for the outdoor set, you will need at least to change the fabric.
  • Some parts should allow replacement. The outdoor canopy swings should allow the canopy, or just its fabric and the cushion to be replaced. You can see that most swing sets that are offered allow doing this relatively easy. So if you are building yourself, you need to think about this too.

The canopy swings are excellent and affordable addition to your backyard. Don’t hesitate to buy or build one if you like the idea to spend hours in outside. Be warned – it’s addictive!

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