Swing Set Plans

There are many links to building plans on this page. I have not created them myself as they are on other sites. So if you notice some of them disappeared or you have any comments, please let me know!

Are you looking to build a swing set yourself? It’s not as hard as you may think – just read the article to get a basic idea of what you need to do.

If you have already read them, you know it’s time to look for swing set plans. You can of course design your own plans, but if you have no experience, it’s better to download or buy plans designed by someone else (professional).

I have collected the best links I could found and I am giving them to you here with some comments.

So, Here Are Some Plans:

Detailed Play Plans offers several detailed plans for complex play sets. You can download a prospect of the plans for free in PDF format.

Some very good wooden swing plans are available at all4thekids.com at low prices – most are less than $20 per plan. Their plans include a bill of materials as well.

FREE! This link goes directly to a free PDF swing set plan. It’s only one, but asks no money.

MORE FREE! Here’s another PDF link giving an excellent wooden playset plan by Hot4Cad. Thanks guys!

Broken Swing Set

Photo by Chickenboots at Flickr

If all you need is to build a simple swing set these plans are exactly what you need and cost only $12 each.

Extraordinary and probably not what you are looking for, but anyway I’d like to share it – this swing set planter plan is sold for $9. Honestly I would prefer to swing myself instead of my plants, but everyone is different.

Some cheap plans (most under $10) for canopy and adult swing sets can be found at Woodcraft, and again there. They also have a funny plan for toddler swing.

Few nice wooden playset plans can be found here. Each one is between $10 and $20. And if you feel keen on building other stuff too, perhaps you’d better buy 14,000 woodworking plans for all kind of stuff as a package for around $50.

FREE! Very simple, but free plan that can be printed can be seen here.

If the free plans listed here don’t suit you, better spend few bucks and buy some plans – less than $20 for a package is a good price. Some vendors sell plans for $50+ which in my opinion is a bit too much. But spending hours searching for free swing set plans is not a very good idea – believe me, I have spent enough hours already to find some free plans for you. And all I could find is on this page.

You can keep an eye to this site and subscribe by RSS because I plan to publish some free plans and more guides on building swing sets here pretty soon.

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    I would like plans for building a big swing set like the one that is pictured in your big swing set page.

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