The Anatomy Of A Swing Set

Not sure what’s in a swing set? This graphic should help you. Read the explanations under it for more information:

  • The cushion is used to cover the swing set and protect you from sunlight and rain. Not all swings have cushions. It’s used most often in canopy swing sets.
  • A top beam is very important for every wooden swing set. It supports the swinging seat and should be very robust and well fixed.
  • The swing set on this picture is based on the popular construction called A-Frame. There are other frame types too but most of them are more complex.
  • The support brace fixes the A frame and ensures stability of the entire swing set.
  • Thick and robust ropes or chains connect the swing seat to the beam at the top.
  • The swing seats┬ácan be of many types. Some swings have canopies, other just simple wooden or metal bench, or single seats.
  • Having armrest is completely ooptional, but most swing seats do have backs for safety.
  • Most swing sets are installed right on the ground but if the soil is too soft you may need to build a concrete foundation. Otherwise see how to anchor a swing set.
The picture shows a basic swing set without accessories. There are many things that you can add to your outdoor swing and many different types of swing set. The anatomy of most should be fairly close to the one on this drawing.
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