Affordable swinging: How To Make Your Hammock Stand Yourself

Building a hammock stand using simple beams is indeed the more affordable way to swing. You will need:

  • A couple of:
    • a.2X4 8′ beams.
    • b.2X4 6′ beams.
    • c.2X4 4′ beams (you might need a couple more if you want more support).
  • A piece of stretchable cloth.
  • 3-12 3/8″ bolts.
  • 4-24 3/8″ washers and 12 3/8″ tightening washers (if you need more support).
  • 5-Drill and saw.

Now here’s how to do it:

1. First we start with the 2 6′ beams that will hold the hammock. For this we will cut the ends of the 6′ beams so that each beam will make an angle of a 60 degrees with the ground like this:

Step 1

2. Then we those 2 beams to be “sandwiched” between 2 8’ beams (which will form the base of the hammock). The distance between the 2 sandwiches depends on the length of the piece of cloth you will suspend, so make sure you measure it carefully so as not to stretch the cloth much or make it looser than required. Here’s how the side sandwich will look like (note that the side beams touch the ground while the base beams are parallel to each other):

Step 2

3. Drill 3 or 4 holes to fix the base & side beams together. Make sure the bolts pass through the 3 layers and use the washers for fixation.

4. Now you need to give more support to the base using the shortest 4′ beams to be placed perpendicular to the 2 8′ base beams like this (that’s a view from underneath the base):

Step 3

5. Drill and add bolts and washers.

6. Suspend the piece of clothes using the bolts on the side beams wherever you like (depends usually on the length and suspension of cloth), TADA!

You might consider adding more support to the side beams using a couple of 2×4′s at each side.

Happy affordable swinging!

Who Else Wants Hammock Swings?

About vacation ads and their swings…

Did you ever notice that most of the ads related to vacations usually feature a man or a woman relaxing on a hammock swing suspended between two palm trees?!

A cat's life
Well, we feature a cat!

It appears to me that hammock swings, chairs or beds are a great choice to relax whether on the beach or at your own house if you have 2 Ss; space and suspension! Actually it might be considered as the first American relaxing method as it dates back to the time America was discovered!

You mean.. Christopher Columbus came out with it?

Not exactly. According to Wikipedia, while Christopher Columbus was watching the habits of the Native Americans he found on the new land, he realized that they have this very creative way in sleeping; an Indian would tie the two poles of a blanket by ropes then suspend it between two trees to sleep!

Apparently Mr. Columbus tried it and thought the idea was comfortable enough to take back to Europe and the whole world where hammocks became a trademark of relaxation.

Err..but what if I wanna relax without having 2 trees to suspend a hammock ?!

Well, I guess your case a hammock swing will be perfect! A hammock swing combines the best qualities in both swings and hammocks. Unlike adult and porch swings as well as other hammocks, they could be suspended at one point (instead of two) using a tree or a stand making them easy to set up and less space consuming. Who said that swinging is an outdoor-only activity? Imagine that, using hammock swings, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while swinging back and forth in front of the television!

I can see it is more practical than adult or porch swings, but is it as comfortable?

Aha, it simply takes your body shape! With just a cotton padded cushion, hammock swings fit perfectly with your body and your sitting or laying position. You can also control the direction and speed of your swinging, the thing which gives you the 2 options of slow relaxing swinging or quick playful swinging!

The level of comfort is usually determined by the quality of the padding and the suspending ropes or chains.

Will I still feel the comfort when I see the price tag?

Just as you do not need the big space you need for swings, you also do not need their big budget to get a couple of people swinging back and forth . Hammock swings can provide you with the nice relaxing swinging experience you are looking for with a budget range of $50 to $100.

Generally speaking, do not assume that the more expensive the hammock is the more comfortable it is by default. You should give it a try yourself at the store before you decide if it is your comfort-mate or not.

What should I consider when buying a new hammock swing?

  1. Its size versus your space:
    Making sure you have the measurements of the available space you have (whether indoors or outdoors) will shorten your list. Although hammock swings usually occupy a small space compared to other swings, you must take into consideration the ‘swinging space’ around your hammock swing so that you can move freely!
  2. Your size versus its ropes/chains:
    Just like treadmills, you might consider asking the vendor about the maximum weight this hammock swing can carry to avoid any possible accidents!
  3. Maintenance:
    Another thing you should ask your vendor is whether this hammock swing needs a periodic maintenance or not. Some vendors recommend a check-up every now and then to make sure the ropes are tight and the suspension point is hard enough. Durability is usually determined, like any other furniture, by the type of usage and the quality.
  4. Indoor hammock swings:
    If you decide to have your hammock swing indoor, your main focus will be to choose something that is comfortable and goes with your house or office decoration. Manufacturers of hammock swings usually avoid patterns or flashy colors and use basic designs to avoid the mismatching furniture crisis.
  5. Outdoor hammock swings:
    Outdoor hammock swings have to be selected according to their durability as the most important attribute. If you live in a sunny area you should also consider buying some accessories like a canopy to give you some shade while you are swinging and a cover to give the hammock some shade while it is idle!
  6. What you REALLY need not what you SHOULD need:
    You have to set a budget and stick to it as much as you could, the options could eat your cash if you don’t! You will find a large variety or padded mattresses, different sizes and colors and of course many possible add-ons. For instance, do not buy an accessory canopy for shading if you are going to put the hammock swing in your already-shaded porch.

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