What Is The Cost To Build A Wooden Swing Set?

This question like asking how much does building a house cost, but I’ll try to answer about an “average” wooden swing set.

There are three main ways to build it, so let’s look at the three of them:

Using Ready-to-assemble Kit

These kits don’t offer you much options for creativity but are easy to build . Such an “average” kit costs between $400 and $800 and takes about a day to be assembled. You can check the experience of this family with ready to assemble kits.

Using Build-it-yourself kit

DIY kits (called also “Ready to build”) can cost less – for example this Pioneer kit
is less than $100 at the moment. Don’t forget however that the accessories are not included. They can quickly add 2-3 times the price of the entire kit depending on what you want to have.
It can be still cheaper though – you can have a wooden swing set for $200 – $300, but prepare to spend several days building it.

Building Entirely From Scratch

I recommend this option only if you are real DIY fan, because it can take weeks. It depends on the complexity of the swing set, the tools you have on hand and your skills. A set of swing set plans can be found for $10-$15 or even for free, but the prices of the materials can vary hugely.

I’ve heard it’s possible to spend only $100 and build a decent wooden swing set, but I have no personal experience to share.

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