What Makes Plastic Swing Sets Attractive

I have already written about wooden and metal swing sets so if you are interested in them, you can read those articles. No doubt they are far more popular than plastic swing sets. Is it because the latter are not good? Not at all. The main reason for their lower popularity is the habit – plastic play sets are relatively new so people are not used to buying them.

But they really have plenty of advantages. Let’s explore them:


One of their main advantages compared to the other outdoor swing sets is the safety. The wooden sets may wound the kids if there are any chops. The metal sets can burn or freeze their skin if the set has been exposed to hot or cold weather. There are no such problems with the plastic ones. You can stay assured they are safe enough for your kids.


Here the plastic play sets lose compared to the metal ones but win compared to those made of wood. The plastic swing sets prices are somewhere in the middle. They start from around $500 and reach about $1,500. Of course there are super complex models whose price can extend even $5,000 but you don’t need such a huge one for a single family home.


These tools are really light – plastic is lighter than wood and much lighter than steel. The lighter weight means moving and transporting are easier and shipping is cheaper even overseas. Depending on how it’s installed you can move a small to medium plastic swing set yourself. If you try to do it with a metal or wooden one, you’ll probably need someone’s help.

Indoor usage

One of the greatest advantages of the plastic play sets is that they can be used indoor – of course if you have enough space at home. Unlike the sets made of other materials, the plastic ones often don’t need special foundation so they can be placed in a large room when the winter comes. If you don’t have a large enough room a settlement of compromise for the winter is to move the play tool in a barn so at least it’s not exposed to rain and snow. You kids can play on it even if it’s cold outside as long as they are well dressed.

Are you ready to consider plastic swing sets after reading this? There are no big disadvantages compared to the other types. Of course you may prefer the sense of wood or the classical view and lower price of metal swings, but I am sure you agree that plastic outdoor swing sets deserve your consideration.

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