What You Need To Know About Big Swing Sets

Looking to save money and yard space we often look for smaller things – small house, small garage, small flower beds, small outdoor swing sets… But what is the main purpose of the swing sets? Isn’t it to encourage the family spend more time together? If you think along the same lines, maybe you shood consider installing a big swing set in your garden.

Advantages of Big Swing Sets

First and most obvious – the big swing set offer amusements for the entire family. Even if you have a couple of kids and invite friends family with two more kids, your swing set will let them all play at the same time.Another hidden advantage is that usually the big sets are of better quality. Since they are more expensive anyway, most people who buy them can afford paying for quality. That’s why the merchants put more effort into making the big swing sets really good.

The big swing sets often include specific addition like climbing units. Having such an extra feature will combine the fun and sport and help your kids become keen on climbing or other great sports.

How To Save Money And Space

If you are on budget but still want to have a big swing set, there are still some options. Many people want to change their play sets for smaller or newer ones. So you can buy an used swing set for about half the price of the new ones. Just don’t forget that buying used hides some risks and you need to carefully examine the set’s condition. After installing the used play set you may also need to paint it so it doesn’t look old.

Don’t worry much about the space used – the big outdoor swings can be combined greatly with trees and bushes so you don’t need to sacrifice space that could be used for your home, shed or garage.

Finally the most straightforward way to save money is to prefer metal instead of wood. The wooden sets are fancy and nice, but metal swing sets are more robust, classical and twice as cheap. So for the price of a middle sized play set made of wood, you can buy a really big metal set.

The Best Material For Big Swing Sets

If you are not on budget however, there are few reasons to prefer a wooden swing sets:

  • Bigger choice. There are a lot more wooden models of big play sets than metal ones. By default, most producers consider metal sets to be for people on budget and make smaller ones. The bid wooden sets on the other hand often include many additional features and are offered in huge variety of models
  • Better fit in the garden. Wood stays a lot more natural around the trees and plants than metal. That’s not a big deal if you are installing some small swing set, but the big ones take significant visual space.
  • Weight and assembling. One big metal swing set weights a lot and assembling/disassembling can be quite painful. The wooden swing sets can be disassembled and transported with a pickup even if they are big

Big swing sets are lovely, don’t be afraid of them. If you can afford one, you will see yourself spending more time with your kids and your entire family being more united.

Big swing sets often look better with some swing set accessories.

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